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Adamantine Marketing provides sales focused marketing and insightful market research at affordable prices. To provide these services at the highest standards, we use both the scientific methodology and lightning strike creativity.

Adamantine proudly separates itself from the herd by making three bold statements.

Statement 1 : We are Sales Focused

Marketing is the engine of sales. Our ads sell. That's it. We focus on creating those effects that lead to sales–– be it, generating good quality leads, creating footfalls or changing the perception of your customers. We do it all.

To achieve this, all strategists/copywriters at our agency have some kind of sales experience. They have tasted blood. They will Sell You.

Statement 2 : We are Research Driven

Market research is sadly a dying practice in today’s digital first agencies. (We compiled a list of major digital marketing agencies in various Indian metros and visited their websites and contacted many of them, not one provides any kind of first party data collection or primary market research. Their best offerings in research involve using google analytics, fb pixel, semrush, etc.). This is no complaint against Digital Marketing (Digital Marketing is one of the best developments in marketing). Most agencies we contacted had extraordinary ideas and execution.

We feel that in spite of the world becoming more data driven, Digital Marketing has given market research a back seat. In fact, market research on the whole needs a grand overhaul in this digital first marketing world. This is our founding belief at Adamantine Marketing.

We are pioneers in First Party Data Collection and Primary Market Research for Digital First Marketing. The methodologies we use collect quality data at a fraction of the price of traditional market research (One of the main reasons for the decline of market research in digital marketing is the lower spends, obviously market research has to become affordable too). Our campaign strategies are based on customer behaviour.

We are currently building a database of Hyderabad market's pyschographics (OCEAN Model).

Statement 3 : We are Scientific

Many marketing agencies claim they follow a scientific method, but quickly forget the same when it comes to billing. They bill hefty retainers or flat media cuts not linked to performance.

We believe and follow the scientific method completely even in billing. All marketing consultation by us can be billed subject to results.

Additionally, we have made considerable strides in understanding consumer mindset, we are patrons of a think tank on the study of behavioural economics and its use in marketing.

To achieve these bold statements, we have a team of market hardened veterans working with other experts (Yup! Our team is a mosaic! We have amongst us stock traders, insurance salesmen, playback singers, entrepreneurs, economists, machinists, etc.). Our pub talks start with quantum physics, epigenetics and settle down with sob stories on broken hearts and underperforming stock portfolios.

In the end, we are here to Sell You.

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Our Office - Hyderabad

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